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Taking a Break from Studying Greek   Recently updated!

After I confidently announced my mission to learn Greek in 4 months, I set up a daily schedule and kept to it for a couple of weeks. Then life happened and here I am, 4 months later, having only made the tiniest of progress. I am ashamed. Right now I’m […]


Everyone Loves to Hate Turkey 13 comments   Recently updated!

That sounds very harsh doesn’t it…but it’s true. Frankly, many people are quite right to hold a grudge against Turkey. The government has a poor human rights track record, denies the Armenian Genocide (a mass killing of between 500,000 to over a million Armenians), greatly limits freedom of speech, and, […]

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A New Souk in Deira 1 comment   Recently updated!

A couple weeks ago, the girls and I were planning on taking the metro to Mall of the Emirates to meet their dad and brother. We got to the station only to find out that it wasn’t open yet! The weather was nice so I took the girls on a […]


Learning to Speak Greek in 4 Months 3 comments   Recently updated!

For a number of family and personal reasons, I recently had to sacrifice one of my personal goals: learning to speak Greek. In fact, both of my 2 oldest kids had to give up it as well (although, believe me, they didn’t shed a single tear over it!). For a […]


Take a Break From Packing School Lunches   Recently updated!

I wrote this post months ago, but due to various personal, health and family issues I’ve only gotten to post it now. I’m actually happy because it’s given me more time to reflect on the value of the service. Back in September I was lucky enough to be offered a […]


A Multi-Generation Mancation 4 comments   Recently updated!

It seems like every couple of months I’m planning a mancation for my husband. Well, in case you are wondering, he absolutely deserves them and after my own momcation to the Philippines, I totally get the need for solitary time. Anyways, back to this story. 3 weeks ago my father, […]


Medical Insurance for Maids in Dubai 8 comments   Recently updated!

Back in September, our maid had to have 2 emergency surgeries and we ended up paying out of pocket for all her healthcare costs because we didn’t have any medical insurance for her. Even though providing medical insurance for your maid isn’t mandatory right now, you are still responsible for […]

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Labels for School Uniforms and Supplies 1 comment   Recently updated!

My kids are constantly forgetting their things at school. They can’t be the only ones, because whenever I’ve had the privilege (note the sarcasm) of visiting the school’s “lost and found,” it’s always heaping with stuff. I’ve even seen lunchboxes with food inside…gross! Big K is getting better, but that’s […]


Can I Call You… 3 comments   Recently updated!

The first week of school is over and chances are that your children (or even you personally) have been asked, “Can I call you <insert any westernized or shortened version of your name>?” Despite Dubai being a cosmopolitan, multi-cultural society there’ll always be that one teacher, on the first day of […]


The Greek School in Dubai is Expanding!   Recently updated!

I’ve written before that my kids and I take Greek language lessons at the “Greek School” in Dubai. I used quotes there because it’s a school in everything but name. The people who run it are well organized, the teachers know their stuff and the kids complain about going (that part […]

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My Unforgettable Week in Philippines 11 comments   Recently updated!

A couple weeks ago I got an urgent request to fill a spot on a media/blogger tour of the Philippines. I couldn’t believe it…and of course I couldn’t refuse it. I was a bit nervous to leave behind my 3 kids but my husband urged me to go because, well, he’s […]

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Buying Toys from the Disney Movie Frozen 6 comments   Recently updated!

UPDATE: Sadly this store closed and was replaced with a Borders. Sad to see the toy store goes, but Borders sells a wide selection of books and toys. Definitely an upgrade! If you are looking for toys from the Disney movie Frozen you can thank (or hate) me now. While […]

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The Best Fish and Chips in Cyprus   Recently updated!

Fish and chips were relatively new to me when I moved to Cyprus several years ago. The first time I ate fish and chips was at a small chippy in Larnaca…it was a cold, rainy day…I was hooked. Immediately I started my journey to discover where to find the best fish and […]

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Down To Earth Organic Store 3 comments   Recently updated!

The natural living and organic lifestyles are growing rapidly across the UAE, especially in Dubai.  Just 5 years ago the only real choice for organic shopping was the Organic Foods and Cafe. The variety there is pretty good, but quite frankly the amount of money I spend in that place […]


Road Tripping Through Pafos (Part 1)   Recently updated!

If you want to get more out of Cyprus than just endless hours of tanning on the beach and overpriced, subpar food in the tourist areas then road tripping through Pafos is a must. While the best beaches are on the way or along the eastern coast of Cyprus, most […]