A New Generation of Cypriots

Cyprus is such a small island that you rarely meet someone from there. I thought my husband was the first Cypriot I’d ever met. Turns out I was already friends with a Cypriot girl (who I assumed was Greek) and my husband happened to know my Cypriot friend’s father. Fast forward a decade and the […]

Can you be over-lingual?

I’m pretty sure over-lingual isn’t even a word…but it’s 2:30am and that’s the best I could come up with. So we are abandoning the homeschool thing and enrolling our daughters in a brick and mortar school this fall. There are many reasons for the switch, but I’ll have to do another […]


My Tech Toy Wishlist for Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, there are 3 tech toys that I’d really love to invest in. It may seem weird to say “invest,” but it’s true. I strongly believe technology-based learning will empower my children and encourage them to have long-term, genuine interest in the STEM fields. These tech toys […]

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What I am is What I am 5 comments

While I love the idea of raising my kids as “world citizens,” the truth is that you have to start somewhere. As a third culture kid, it’s difficult to hold on to my cultural identity and sometimes I feel lost; like I don’t know who I am. Sadly, I know my kids […]


Your Teenager Will Love This Barbershop 3 comments

As a sort of “right of passage” before Big K heads off to boarding school, I decided it was time for him to get his first proper hair cut as a teenager. I don’t remember how I found this barbershop, but as far as I’m concerned, it will be the […]


Time Out Dubai Kids Awards 2015 6 comments

For the 2nd year in a row, this blog has been nominated in the “Parent Blog” category of the Time Out Dubai Kids Awards. Third Culture Family is listed alongside some lovely parenting blogs and you should definitely read them (if you don’t already). However, I would be kidding myself if […]

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Indoor Climbing for Kids in Dubai

My kids love to climb all over the beds, couches, and walls in our house. It’s the main reason we don’t have any furniture that’s not from IKEA. Over the summer, my kids’ climbing habits have become increasingly annoying and dangerous…let’s just say Lil S is not the most coordinated girl. Randomly […]

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Sex Education, Puberty, and Every Other “Gross” Topic 2 comments

Let’s face it…kids learn most of what they know about sex (and other social topics) from the internet or their friends (who have also learned from the internet). I don’t know which is worse (actually, I do). Anyways, the point is that sitting down to innocently talk about “the birds […]

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Taking a Break from Studying Greek

After I confidently announced my mission to learn Greek in 4 months, I set up a daily schedule and kept to it for a couple of weeks. Then life happened and here I am, 4 months later, having only made the tiniest of progress. I am ashamed. Right now I’m […]


Everyone Loves to Hate Turkey 19 comments

That sounds very harsh doesn’t it…but it’s true. Frankly, many people are quite right to hold a grudge against Turkey. The government has a poor human rights track record, denies the Armenian Genocide (a mass killing of between 500,000 to over a million Armenians), greatly limits freedom of speech, and, […]

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A New Souk in Deira 1 comment

A couple weeks ago, the girls and I were planning on taking the metro to Mall of the Emirates to meet their dad and brother. We got to the station only to find out that it wasn’t open yet! The weather was nice so I took the girls on a […]


Learning to Speak Greek in 4 Months 3 comments

For a number of family and personal reasons, I recently had to sacrifice one of my personal goals: learning to speak Greek. In fact, both of my 2 oldest kids had to give up it as well (although, believe me, they didn’t shed a single tear over it!). For a […]


Take a Break From Packing School Lunches

I wrote this post months ago, but due to various personal, health and family issues I’ve only gotten to post it now. I’m actually happy because it’s given me more time to reflect on the value of the service. Back in September I was lucky enough to be offered a […]


A Multi-Generation Mancation 4 comments

It seems like every couple of months I’m planning a mancation for my husband. Well, in case you are wondering, he absolutely deserves them and after my own momcation to the Philippines, I totally get the need for solitary time. Anyways, back to this story. 3 weeks ago my father, […]


Medical Insurance for Maids in Dubai 15 comments

Back in September, our maid had to have 2 emergency surgeries and we ended up paying out of pocket for all her healthcare costs because we didn’t have any medical insurance for her. Even though providing medical insurance for your maid isn’t mandatory right now, you are still responsible for […]