1. We (husband and I) also just did wellness check on our nearby mediclinic. Yes, having an annual check here is expensive back home when I was still working it was done free of charge under our company medical insurance.
    City/Mediclinic has a way of making patients feel VIP and it definitely is a plus that the food the serve is yum.
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    • Back home medical care can still be expensive unless you have really good coverage. I don’t remember a yearly exam being included, but maybe. Not that I already paid for it, I wondered if you can do these annual check ups at the government health centres? I would imagine it would be much cheaper. The blood test, pap smear and breast exams are probably the most important. I think everything else was just for the “feel good” factor.

      And yes, Mediclinic does a good job making patients feel at ease. Well except for the inpatient admission guy who was the polar opposite of the outpatient admissions lady. But nobody’s perfect!

  2. Sally's World

    I asked my GP and she said that it’s not really necessary to do a yearly check up if you are in general good health. I asked her how would I know if I was in good health if I didn’t go for a check up every year? She laughed!

    • Hi Sally, I read online that it’s not really necessary. And to her credit, the doctor who looked after me at City Hospital said the same. I think it’s every 2-3 years for a pap smear and breast exam. Obviously if you have any family history of cervical or breast cancer you should get screened more often and according to your doctor’s advice.

      But you are right, how will we know if there’s something wrong unless we get checked? Aren’t doctors always scolding patients for waiting too long before coming to see them? How do we know there’s a problem until it presents itself?

    • Yes, yes, yes! Those were my thoughts exactly! It’s a very interesting thing because Americans are so much about “I should be able to wear whatever I want in public” but then when it comes to private moments (ie in front of a doctor) we immediately ask for privacy! LOL. I’m one who will typically ask for a robe when I have to strip down. Hello…no one wants to see what I’ve got going on under my clothes. :D

      Anyways, thanks for commenting on my blog. Love hearing from fellow Americans here. I feel like I never meet any!

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