1. Janice

    We thought of putting our son at Arsenal soccer school but chose Barcelona instead. Nothing to do really with how the football school was run but more that he is a fan of Barcelona FC in real life. They run a great program there and all the children I know are happy there.

    • Our son is a big Barca fan too! It seems like all kids these days are. We looked at Barcelona too and a friend recommended it. But in the end we went with Arsenal.

  2. John Oladunjoye

    Hello, My name is Mr John, a soccer scout from nigeria i scout from
    nigeria football academy and premiership
    Football clubs in Nigeria, i have alot of young talented players in
    nigeria that are ready for trails in abroad, am searching for .
    agent/club to collaborate with or to give my players trial out to showcase.
    their skill and place them on trial with any team of your choice and you.
    will also be able to manage my players and get them clubs either in the.
    amateur, semi professional or professional level where they can grow in their.
    skills and games. Please I would like you to place these players where they.
    can be guanratee of playing football and for them to know that they are in.
    good hands.i know is good to have african player like nigeria to develop team.
    i will be happy if you can invite all the players for trail
    we also intrested in tournaments and summer camp.
    nigeria are very good in any trail.
    hope to hear from you.

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