1. MirdiffMama

    At first we HATED that they split up the soft play area. But the new creche has so much more to do now than it did before. My girls loved playing house and dress up. The craft table was another favorite. Yes the cost to get in is a bit steep but we don’t go very often so we don’t mind it.

    Scaaaarrrrry about the little guy who was left alone though. TBH I wouldn’t leave my little girls there at 3 years old though.

    • Yep exactly my point. The mix of ages and age-appropriate toys all in 1 big area is a huge flaw. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is cautious. Sometimes I feel like I’m always complaining about how things are in Dubai.

  2. MirdiffMama

    I totally agree with TK about the age gap for kids in the creche. It seems like a terrible idea for babies toddlers and “big” kids to be in the same area.

    We were there again a week ago and nothing has changed. I saw a couple of older kids running around and a little girl was practically run over and got scared. I do give them praise though because the staff were quick to attend to her. Not sure if they notified her parents though.

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