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During our trip we have come across some interesting fruit in Bali. Every morning a bowl of fresh Balinese fruit is delivered to our room courtesy of the amazing staff at the Bali Hyatt Hotel in Sanur.

balinese fruit plate

We had no idea what some of these fruits were at first. Once we peeled a couple, we figured out what most of them were. But one of the fruits freaked us out and we stayed away from it for a couple days. When we finally tried a bite, it was delicious.

Can you name any of these Balinese fruits?

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One thought on “Name That Fruit: Bali Edition

  • sam

    I was just in Bali and recognize the first fruit but don’t know the name of it. I didn’t ever eat it either. The texture of the outside was creepy.

    The last one is an orange. Not as juicy and sweet as Spanish or American oranges though. I didn’t really like them.

    The middle one is delicious! By far my favorite of all the fruits I ate in Bali. I won’t give it away though in case someone else wants to guess. Actually by looking at it I thought it was a different fruit than it is.