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It is our 6th night in Bali and all week Big K has been freaked out about sleeping on his own. This is really unusual for him and I think the cause of his behavior is the kind of creepy Balinese statues all around us.

We left the Bali Hyatt Hotel and moved to the Intercontinental Bali Resort for the last part of our 2-week Summer vacation.

Just as we’re settling into bed for the night, and right on cue, Big K creeps into our room and tried to sleep with us. Now this wouldn’t have been such a big deal except I am already sharing my king size bed with both daughters and my husband.


After a bunch of pleading (and lots of stifled laughter), Busy Dad banished Big K from our room. I genuinely felt bad for Big K so I walked him back to the living room to tuck him into bed like a good mommy would. I thought it was a sweet thing to do since he was a bit freaked out.

As I tuck him in he goes, “See this bed is so uncomfortable.  The sheets are stuck in on the sides. I can’t move!”


I said, “That’s how proper bed sheets are supposed to be. It’s called being ‘tucked in’.”

He looked at me like I just told him to eat dirty underwear and asks, “Why would anyone like to sleep like this? I feel like I’m tied up like a prisoner. This is terrible.”

This pretty much solidifies my candidacy for “Worst Mom Ever.”

Because I have never properly tucked my children into bed with a snuggly blanket like a normal parent would, my children a) don’t know how properly made up beds look, b) have never been properly tucked in, and c) hate the idea of being snuggled into bed with a duvet.

Beat that June Cleaver!

It’s no wonder why my kids hate being covered with a blanket when they sleep. In fact every morning they wake up on top of the sheets and with the blankets on the floor. It all stems from the fact that I never tucked them in at night.

So to all the parents that read my blog, make sure you tuck your kids in at night. If you don’t, you’re going to spend the next 18 years picking blankets up off the floor.

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3 thoughts on “I Am The Worst Mom…EVER.

  • MirdiffMama

    That’s so funny. I always tuck in the girls because that’s what my mom did for me. To this day I love snuggling into a bed with tightly drawn sheets. It makes me feel safe.