1. I visit MCC often, where is this located? I also loved the one at Bur Juman – it was so huge and luxurious! Though Dubai Mall should have more, based on it’s size. This is something I truly love about Dubai!
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    • Hiya. I’ve never been to Bur Juman but have wanted to for a long time. I get a little anxious whenever I go to Bur Dubai because of the traffic and congestion. I’ll have to jump on the Metro and check it out though.

      The one in Mirdif City Centre is between Costa Coffee and Krispy Creme. It’s at the entrance to the South food court near Magic Planet/Playnation. Abigail from NappyTales also did a good write up: http://www.mynappytales.com/2012/08/mama-baby-room/

    • Yes! I love it for those reasons too. Although it does get really busy in MCC in the evenings and on the weekends. I avoid it on Friday and Saturday after 12 at all costs! :D

      In Dubai breastfeeding mothers are spoiled for choice (as we should be! — where’s my impartiality?). I’m nervous about going back to the US while still breastfeeding…I’m sure I won’t get such a “warm welcome” when I breastfeed my 2.5 year old in public. :(

  2. noora

    I just came across your blog, actually most malls in Dubai offer breastfeeding rooms ..in ever single baby changing room in dubai mall is a room to breastfeed and in burjuman as well.

    • Hi Noora, thanks for mentioning that. I didn’t remember seeing one in Festival Centre or Mall of the Emirates when I went, although I could have just missed it.

      I thought those malls only had baby changing rooms. I know women do breastfeed in the baby changing rooms, but to be honest I don’t think that’s much different than having to breastfeed in the women’s bathroom…maybe even worse w/ the baby poo smell just lofting about. Technically a baby changing room is just a baby bathroom. :D

      Can you confirm that they definitely have separate, dedicated areas for breastfeeding outside of the actual bathroom/changing area? I’d love to start a list of places women can go to for breastfeeding. That’d be a great resource.

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