• Isn’t it lovely? It is a total marketing ploy and it got me hook, line and sinker!

      Produce just looks a lot more fresh, delicious and healthy when it’s in these wooden crates, doesn’t it?

      I’m such a sucker!!!!

  1. oh hey!! I haven’t been to MCC in a while. DCC is still sporting the old “look”.

    I must visit MCC soon. :)

    And I agree with you on all points! it does look fresher, nicer and … cleaner!

      • Did they? I never go into the DCC Carrefour anymore. It’s always packed to the brim! Although I’ll always have a soft sport for that place since we used to shop there when we first moved to Dubai. 😀

    • Sheila have you seen the new look in DCC? Marina commented that they’ve changed over too. I was hoping Carrefour weren’t updating the look in just the “Western” expat areas…so I’m very glad to hear they are making these changes to all of them.

    • The maze is to make sure you are lost in there for long enough to buy a lot! But you are totally right, I didn’t notice it at first but last time I went, I said the same thing.

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