A New Look for Carrefour MCC

carrefour mcc organic produce

On Thursdays I spend the morning at the kids’ school for something they call “mother tongue maintenance.” It’s a program that they put in place to let kids study their mother tongue for 1 class period each week.

After MTM I had a couple hours before picking the kids up so I went to Carrefour in Mirdif City Centre for a quick “pantry run.” I promised myself that I would only buy canned goods, nuts, dried lentils/beans and household items. Of course I ended up with NOTHING for the pantry and only buying food that needed to be refrigerated.

It’s NOT my fault…I promise! I blame it on Carrefour.

Someone smart at Carrefour MCC decided to update the look of their fresh produce section. (Wow, that’s weird. I normally would have said that in a super snarky tone.) Anyways, I have to admit it, I totally fell for the farmer’s market style makeover. Everything looked so fresh and delicious. In fact, they also had some great deals (10 AED/kg for on the vine tomatoes from Holland!).

carrefour mcc

Organic Fruits & Veggie Stand

They also made a separate display for organic produce. It’s still very limited (and on the expensive side), but I absolutely love their effort and hope that they bring in more.

Ready Cut Fruits

My favorite thing about the farmer’s market makeover is that the ready-cut fresh fruit bar is COVERED and ENCLOSED. I can’t stand to see the workers swatting away flies (when they’re even paying attention <– ah, there’s that snarkiness). Even worse I despise when people use their grubby hands to snatch a quick sample or when they cough all over the fruit.

I’m really straying from the topic, but I have to tell you my “Oh no he didn’t…oh yes he did!” experience. One time at Spinney’s, I saw a little boy (about 7 years old) grab a piece of ready cut fruit, take a bite and throw it back! But that’s not all, he went back in for more. Since that day, I can’t bring myself to buy ready cut fruit. This covered and enclosed ready cut fruit bar may just change my mind though!


I don’t know if all Carrefour markets in Dubai got the same makeover, but if you get a chance, definitely head over to the one in Mirdif City Centre to check it out. Or better yet don’t…it’s already insanely packed as it is!

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  1. Absolutely love the new look of C4!
    Abigail’s latest blog post: Crab Festival at Chimes Far Eastern RestaurantMy Profile

    • Isn’t it lovely? It is a total marketing ploy and it got me hook, line and sinker!

      Produce just looks a lot more fresh, delicious and healthy when it’s in these wooden crates, doesn’t it?

      I’m such a sucker!!!!

  2. oh hey!! I haven’t been to MCC in a while. DCC is still sporting the old “look”.

    I must visit MCC soon. :)

    And I agree with you on all points! it does look fresher, nicer and … cleaner!

    • Hi all

      Good News as well DCC did the same and yes it’s great :)))

      • Did they? I never go into the DCC Carrefour anymore. It’s always packed to the brim! Although I’ll always have a soft sport for that place since we used to shop there when we first moved to Dubai. 😀

    • Sheila have you seen the new look in DCC? Marina commented that they’ve changed over too. I was hoping Carrefour weren’t updating the look in just the “Western” expat areas…so I’m very glad to hear they are making these changes to all of them.

  3. Oh yeah I love it too!

    Only thing is, I dont get why it has to be such a MAZE inthere :s
    But it sure is beautiful :)
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    • The maze is to make sure you are lost in there for long enough to buy a lot! But you are totally right, I didn’t notice it at first but last time I went, I said the same thing.


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