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Al Ghurair Centre recently expanded and they’ve been promoting a huge urban street atmosphere both inside and outside of the mall. Right now they are hosting an urban street art exhibit called Street Con. It’s a unique concept for Dubai (especially this side of Dubai Creek), since we mostly stay indoors for 8 months out of the year.

Street Art Connection at Al Ghurair Centre

Unfortunately I don’t think the campaign is very popular (most people just ignore what’s going on and walk on by). But I absolutely LOVE it. Hearing live music, watching street performers and seeing urban art (ie graffiti) takes me right back to when I lived in Los Angeles, CA.

Street Con Urban Art Fest


There are basically 4 parts to Street Con, but they are all right beside each other.


The Mash Up

Outdoor Murals



Interactive Art Installations


Graffiti Room

There’s something magical about seeing people do what they are passionate about and watching their talents, skills and creativity flow. Most of the artists at Street Con (if not all) are Filipinos. You can see that they live and breathe this lifestyle.

It kind of made me sad knowing that in their “real life” they’ll go back to working in some store or office with absolutely no chance to express their creativity. That they’ll probably be expected to act like a robot, reciting corporate taglines that begin or end with “mam” or “sir” (and sometimes the cringeworthy “mamsir”).

So I urge you to PLEASE come out to Al Ghurair Centre in Deira to be a part of Street Con. Support these amazing street artists! There are art installations and interactive exhibits…and it’s good for all ages. My 3 kids looked around the entire exhibit, running from one thing to the next.

Even though I think it’ll take a while for masses of people to really appreciate what Al Ghurair Centre is doing, I’m excited about the direction they are taking. Hopefully they’ll spark a true revival of Deira through their promotion of street art and performances. Right now it’s quite drab here and we could really use the change.

Street Con – Street Art Connection

Where: Al Ghurair Centre (next to Spinney’s & Plug Ins)

When: February 5-15
Timings: 1:00pm – 10:00pm

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